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About Us

E-Naturals Cosmetics was created from a desire to offer to people natural products that they can trust.

Around eight years ago I fall in love with aromatherapy and essential oils, and from this passion was born a love for natural cosmetics. I realised that you can take so much from nature without destroying it, and that the plants have a power to keep you healthy and beautiful without affect the environment around us.

When I researched the natural products market, I could see that lots of natural shops mixed natural products with green washing products, "Greenwashing is the practice of making an unsubstantiated or misleading claim about the environmental benefits of a product, service, technology or company practice. Greenwashing can make a company appear to be more environmentally friendly than it really is", which makes things a bit confusing for people who are trying to buy 100% natural products.

We decided that our shop would provide just real 100% natural products, with a range of organics and vegan products that people can trust, and with all ingredients checked and approved by EWG (The Environmental Working Group).

I hope we will be able to connect people with nature, offering beauty and health in a bottle, and the most important, without any animal cruelty.

We are open to any suggestions and feedback, you can contact us any time.